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For the majority of my life, I have felt a strong Marian devotion. As I am now raising a daughter of my own, this love of the Blessed Virgin has deepened and become more important to me. Sassy is almost 2, and is very much Mommy’s little girl. In so much that she does, she looks for my approval and tries to imitate me. From baking muffins to folding laundry and even typing on my computer, Sassy wants to be like me and I love her dearly.

Lately she’s been trying to dress up in my clothes, and when she came in from the snow, I wrapped her in my brown wrap that was warm from sitting on the radiator. She smiled, and seeing her in my wrap made me think of the brown scapular that I wear.

I don’t wear my brown scapular to “ward off the fires of Hell” or because it’s what Catholic women do. I wear it because I want to be like Mary, my mother in Christ, so that I can sit at her feet and hide in her clothing. I want to be my mother’s daughter as best as I can, knowing that I’m not getting it all right, but recognizable as emulating her gentle spirit and tender concern for others. And so I wear the small piece of her robe that she offers me and hope that I can give her as much pride and joy as Sassy gives to me.


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Me and my shadow

Today, while making pizza, I got called away to see what the baby dude was up to. However, my shadow stayed behind to continue making pizza. See?



And the result was


I love almost 2 year olds. They are so cute!!!!

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Nat: “Mommy, you like babies don’t you?”

Me: “Yes, I do like babies. They are cute and fun!”

Nat: “I think you should have, like, a thousand babies. HEHEHEHEHE!!!”


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Snow days!!!

A few pictures from today, with our snowkids!

Steve and the 3 oldest kids

Steve and the 3 oldest kids

I love snow!!!

I love snow!!!

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Be careful if your spouse knows your blog URL.

Enough said.

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To love up close

There is an old saying that tells us that distance makes the heart grow fonder. In my own life, my day to day experience has taught me that this idea is true. I always miss my husband when he’s gone at work, and then promptly forget about him once he’s home. Somehow I never fail to notice when the trash needs to go out or when the dishes need to be done, but I find it alarmingly easy to lose sight of the essential goodness and positive attributes of my husband and children whenever they are “too close.”

However, love requires us to love entirely, not by parts. I’m called to love my husband, not his sense of humor or his blue eyes. Love has to exist in the world of morning breath, laundry yet to be sorted, and socks left in the corner of the stairs where I’ve asked him repeatedly to NOT leave socks.

Love from a distance is comfortable, sanitary and limited. But to love up close? That is the work of a lifetime… and work that is well worth the effort.

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Merry Christmas from Us!

HELP!!!!  We're covered by kids!!!!

HELP!!!! We're covered by kids!!!!

Luckily this picture was taken BEFORE our 6 year old lost his first tooth.

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