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“His Holiness took the opportunity to speak of the requirements of the natural moral law and the Church‚Äôs consistent teaching on the dignity of human life from conception to natural death which enjoin all Catholics, and especially legislators, jurists and those responsible for the common good of society, to work in cooperation with all men and women of good will in creating a just system of laws capable of protecting human life at all stages of its development.”


Truth in charity is crucial to the life in Christ. There is no substitute for speaking the truth, and the truth must always be conveyed with an eye towards liberation, not enslavement.

I do have more work that I’ve been doing towards sainthood, particularly in the area of kindness. I’m almost done writing up that post, and will get it up as soon as I can. ūüôā


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Love is patient

Well, evidently God had different plans, or at least I’m more readily seeing part of the plan God has for teaching me how to be like Him. ¬†Evidently “patience” is on the docket for this week… month…. year… decade???????


Sassy, our almost 2 year old, has a new favorite word: boo-BOO. ¬†The accent is on the second syllable, and she’s said it at least 15 times so far. ¬†It’s only 10 am. ¬†


Needless to say, this has gotten really old really quickly, no matter how cute it was at first. ¬†This is especially true given that at least 90% of these “boo BOOs” are fictional. ¬†As a way to keep from going nutty, I’ve started complaining to my husband about boo BOOs. ¬†With rolled eyes and frustration brimming in my voice, there have been an awful lot of times this week where my response has become teasing “Oh God… boo BOO…” in an attempt to get sympathy for being the mother of a two year old who cries over imagined boo BOOs.


The truth is that I don’t deserve any sympathy for having been given the gift of being the mother to a beautiful little girl and while the boo boos might be imagined, Sassy’s tears are real and that matters more than all the aggravation I can muster. ¬†She has a far greater claim on my patience and kindness than what I have been willing to give her. ¬†It’s funny how virtues go together, and how being at home with my children gives me innumberable opportunities to practice patience, kindness, and so many other virtues necessary to the life in Christ.


I’ve heard people say that they could never stay home with their kids, and I know that for some people that is not what God has called them to do. ¬†However, home is the right place for me to be, in particular because of the inherent challenges of coming to grips with human weaknesses and sin (particularly my own) on a regular basis. ¬†Maintaining love, or at least the appearances of it, is easy if you spend not very much time together but I get the privilege of helping to form my children every hour of the day into the people God is calling them to be, and having that work help me on my path towards personal sanctity. ¬†


And so I will kiss boo BOOs without anger or impatience, knowing that Sassy will grow out of this and find a new favorite word or activity, and being grateful for the opportunity to learn patience and kindness at my daughter’s tiny hands.

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So, I have 3 drafts saved of posts I need to make but haven’t made yet. I know what I want to say, but I keep getting distracted. Then I’m frustrated that I got distracted and suddenly there’s too much pressure and nothing actually gets done.

While that’s happening with this blog, it also happens in other areas of my life. I want to be the best wife and mom, so I try to get so many things done that I stress myself into accomplishing not very much. It turns into a vicious cycle that leads me to despair.

However, this is exactly the challenge that many of us face with lives that are so busy we barely have time to breathe, let alone contemplate. Holiness might be more difficult in the face of these challenges and interruptions, but it’s also exactly what we need.

Sainthood isn’t about living in monastery. As any honest member of a religious order will freely admit, sin exists in the most beautiful and devout communities. Holiness has to be infused into the life we live each day, knowing that the next leaking sippy cup is moments away and still being willing to clean it up with kindness.

That said, I still do need to finish those posts. Without parameters I’m unlikely to accomplish much. So, as a preview and a way to keep myself accountable, here are the posts I need to make. Through careful discernment, I hope to enter 2010 with more personal holiness than I started with in 2009:

1. God is Love: How the life in Christ requires one to be a consummate romantic in giving oneself over to a life of love for others. But what does this love mean, and how do we live it in our daily lives?

2. If you were to die on a tree, what kind of tree would that be? Knowing your own deficiencies and not making excuses for them is the only way to allowing grace to manifest God’s strength in the midst of your own personal weaknesses.

3. The Talents. Humility entails knowing your weaknesses, but also having the grace to allow gifts entrusted to you to serve the purpose for which God intends them. Withholding your gifts out of either arrogance or embarrassment both end up giving the same result.

To anyone who was holding out, please join me on this journey! If God can fix me, God can fix anyone. I’m as weak as everyone else out there, even if my weaknesses aren’t identical to yours. I know that I will falter and even that I will fall, but with God’s grace I can also stand up again to take a few more steps into what God has intended for me.

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A few days ago, I promised to make a New Year’s Resolutions post, and this is it. My New Year’s Resolution is to stop making excuses for myself and work for what I actually want: I want to let God make a saint.

I don’t want to be mediocre, and I don’t want my actions to demonstrate a belief that personal sanctity is somehow antiquated or a moot point. I am finished with being too embarrassed to state that the objective of Catholicism is to live fully within God with all that I have and all that I am. I want to be the holiest diaper changer on this earth. I want grace to be infused into each and every dish I take out of the dishwasher.

With regards to marriage, I am fond of saying that you can’t love by pieces. Love does not allow for partial gift. If you’re only giving part of yourself, you don’t have love. You have commerce with a contractual negotiation for maximum profit.

I’m done negotiating with God. Time to really let go of that cliff of self reliance and trust that the winds of divine grace will carry me where I need to go.

If this is ambitious, let it be ambition in the Lord that if I will give Him all of myself, He will make far better use of me than I could ever hope to do. I can do nothing on my own compared to what God can do through me.

I know this won’t be easy or painless, but I know that it is good and that the God who is love itself will give me what I need even if I don’t understand it at the time.

So, join me if you like! I’m going to blog at least once a week on what I’m doing and discerning to more fully live the life of grace. There are a few posts I need to make in the next few days laying the groundwork, and I hope that they can help you in your own pilgrimage towards union with God.

This is Project Sainthood. Are you ready?

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